'Wenzhou Taishun International Movie Town' is located in a rural, mountainous and utmost attractive tourist area in Taishun County, south of Wenzhou. Major target of the concept, which is partly invested by the China Central Television Company (CCTV), is the movie industry. Eventually, the project will create a real new town in the region, for a more or less permanent population of at least 40,000 inhabitants.

The Central Area of the movie town is the pivot of the entire project. It is the dense and busy focus, with starred hotels and serviced apartments, with commercial and entertainment streets and – above all – a themed plaza in its middle with a fascinating amalgam of facilities for public events. Four themed movie 'parks' will be developed from the construction of either typical or unique shooting locations, highlighting the professional characteristics of movie production: 'Western Movie Town', 'Republican Theme Movie Town', 'Ming/Qing Theme Movie Town' and 'Song theme Movie Town'.

Location: Wenzhou Taishun County, China
Client: Zhonghui Joint Investment and Fund Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Project: direct commission
Design: 05/2011 - 07/2012
Start of construction: 2013
Services: urban conceptual planning / landscape conceptual design
Planning area: 3.47 km²
GFA: 3.5 mio. m²
Landscape design: Atelier Loidl, Berlin